3 Reasons Why Using An Electric Piano Is Better

Are you an experienced pianist who is passionate about what you play? Or perhaps you are a budding beginner who has fallen in love with those melodic keys. Whatever category you fit into, your choice of instrument is a vital one.

For many pianists, the idea of an electric piano is met with a fair amount of distaste. They feel that electric pianos are not ‘real pianos’ and even go as far as viewing fellow musicians who choose the electric counterpart as somewhat lesser artists.

Truth be told, I too used to feel exactly this way. That was until the day that circumstance meant I needed to sell my darling upright acoustic piano and opt for an electric one.

Five years later I have come to realize that there are in fact, numerous benefits to owning an electronic piano, in fact, I haven’t looked back yet! Here are my top three reasons why using an electronic piano can actually be better.



It Makes You A Good Neighbor

electric piano wear headphones

Do you know when you are in the mood for really given your piano a workout? Whether you are a Beethoven lover or a Meatloaf fan, there are some songs and pieces that you simply can’t play softly!

This is where an electric piano really comes into its own. All you need to do is plug in a set of headphones and you can play as loud and forcefully as you like, without the neighbors even knowing you own a piano!


No Need For Tuning

best brand electric piano

There are few things worse than playing on a piano that is starting to go out of tune. Owning an acoustic piano not only means that you need to regularly pay for a piano tuner to come to your home, but it also has an impact on where your pain is at in your home.

Rooms that are too warm or cold and particularly where the temperature regularly fluctuates are not your piano’s friend, deciding to move your piano from one room to another can also knock the tuning out, all of which means paying more dollars to call out a piano tuner.

Electric pianos, on the other hand, never go out of tune, simply plug them in and you are guaranteed perfect tuning every time.


Space Efficient

compact electric digital piano

Granted, upright acoustic pianos, baby grand and grand pianos can be a real source of adornment to your home, however, they also tend to take up quite a bit of space.

If you live in an apartment or small home, you may find that the piano takes up a considerable amount of your already limited living space. Electric pianos, on the other hand, come in various designs that can make them more efficient for the size of your home.


Some Thoughts

There is something incredibly special about playing on an acoustic piano, however, the world of electric pianos is not the one of years ago. Nowadays, it is possible to choose from pianos that look, feel, and sound just like an acoustic, in fact, often a lot better.

So before you rule out an electric piano why not visit your local piano showroom with an open mind; you may be very surprised at what your next purchase turns out to be!