The Benefits Of Inversion Tables

Inversion therapy might sound like the next trend, yet this practice has actually been in use for hundreds of years for strength-building, stretching, and pain relief. Today many therapists will suggest inversion therapy to relieve painful conditions such as chronic lower back pain.

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What Is Inversion Therapy?

This is a natural practice which is better described as a spine-health technique which will angle your body downwards over the course of 5 to 10 minutes. This therapy is based on using the gravity from the patient’s own body weight in order to elongate and stretch the spine. This alleviates pressure in any discs that are compressed. This therapy involves the use of a traction or inversion table, where the patient is first secured to the table and the therapist then adjusts the angle of the table using table tilts.

Today many patients go for inversion therapy when they visit a physiotherapist or chiropractor. If you have decided you might benefit from this practice more regularly there are now many inversion tables and best inversion boots that you can purchase for home use for when and if you need it.

What Type of Conditions Can Be Helped with Inversion Therapy?

The main principle associated with inversion therapy is to do with a technique that counters the effect which gravity has on our bodies. Gravity pulls our joints, muscles, and, organs downwards, which compresses these parts against our spines. Many experts suggest that over a period of time, this type of gravitational caused compression often leads to fatigue, chronic pain in the back, along with other types of related symptoms.

While there are a number of cases of lumbar and back pain which is non-specific, which means there will be no cause that is determinable, spinal compression in most cases, is a contributing factor. Today there is a large percentage of people that live sedentary lifestyles, where most sit for many hours without engaging in active movements in order to counteract this stillness. A holistic approach which includes inversion therapy and the use of inversion tables could assist with reversing some of the side-effects of living a life that is sedentary, in the way of encouraging circulation and movement in the body.

Due to the fact that inversion therapy is focused on alleviating any pressure away from your spine while increasing the spaces between each vertebra, this is regarded as one of the reliable holistic solutions when it comes to natural pain relief. Some of the more common conditions that are managed with an inversion table include:

– Sciatica pain

– Chronic pain in the lower back

– Non-specific back pain

– Muscle tension

– Degenerative disc disease

The Benefits of Inversion Tables

People that have used a teeter inversion table from home on a regular schedule have reported that it has resulted in health benefits that are very noticeable. The inversion table is designed to release tension and stretch the spine, yet this type of therapy can provide additional benefits other than just pain relief. Some of these include increased flexibility, reduction in stress, and an improvement in blood circulation.