Things to Consider When Buying Bar Stools

The mention of bar stools will have many people associated them with restaurants, bar clubs, and eateries. However, these best stools can also be used in other areas such as classrooms, homes, and offices. To make the right choice when buying these kinds of furniture, you need to consider where you want to use them so that you pick what’s suitable. Some of the primary elements to consider include:

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The style – The stools should have a style that echoes the décor of your home, office, or where you want to place them. Options for this range from antique, contemporary, modern, artistic, and rustic among others.

The heightThe most comfortable stools should have the appropriate height so that they offer a convenient and comfortable sitting. They should also provide an optimal leg space when placed next to the counter. To get the height right, you should deduct around 10inches from the height of the bar. For instance, if you have a counter of around 34inches in height, then the stools will be 22 -24inches in height.

The construction – You will have to take into account a frequently the bar stools will be used, and if it will be for short or extended periods. Moreover, you also need to consider who will be using the seats most, are they, adults or children. Also, you should decide whether the stool will be installed permanently to the floor or they will be portable. From such factors, you will determine if wooden, plastic, or metal stools will suffice and if they should have a swivel function or have solid construction.

Top Options Worth Considering

Once you have figure out the essential elements to will govern what to pick, you can then focus on the type of bar stools to buy. Below are a few top options.

Café stools:
They are best made from metal though plastic ones are also available. However, the plastic stools have a cheap look, whereas the metal ones exude a contemporary and modern feel. With the metal types, you can the stools inside and outside the designated seating area.

Cocktail stools:
They are an excellent option if you are looking for something with a more up-market touch. Most of these types of stools are made from glazed aluminum and stainless steel and have a ringed footrest will a circular base. The cocktail stools easily blend into any surrounding.

Kitchen stools:
Whether your kitchen has a traditional pine table or a modern breakfast bar, the kitchen stools will be what you need in this room. They can in an array of designs and can be made of metal, wood, or plastic. But if you want to stools that add a sleek and sophisticated feel to your kitchen, then pick those made from glossy metals such as chrome or glazed aluminum.

Lounge stools:
In closing, if you require stools that will be perfect for a recreational socializing setting, then the lounges are what to get. They will help create a comfy and relaxed seating atmosphere. They are an excellent choice or bar stools if you are thinking of upholstered stools.