What is a Professional Steam Iron?

Almost every modern iron uses steam and is considered a steam iron, except with rare exceptions, for example, models of travel irons. An iron with a steam generator differs from the best steam iron in that steam is supplied to the heated base of the iron from a separate tank through a special hose.

Buying an iron with a steam generator is beneficial for those who often iron a lot. Especially such iron is necessary for the studio. The steam generator will ensure uninterrupted steam supply and double the efficiency of the iron.

 best steam iron system

1. The Price of the Iron Depends on Its Power

Water from the chamber is supplied to the base of the iron through openings that can be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the base of the iron or only along the edges and on the tip of it. Of course, the more of them, the more steam is formed, and the folds of fabric are ironed more efficiently.

But for heating a large amount of water, an increased heating element power is required, and accordingly, energy consumption will be higher.

The price of the iron also depends on the power of the heater; the more powerful it is, the more expensive the iron. Actually, the power and volume of the steam are the main parameters that affect its price.

For home use, steam irons of the middle class or inexpensive models of irons of economy class are quite suitable. But for constant and intensive use in an atelier or a small sewing shop, you need a professional steam iron of high power with the possibility of copious steam formation.

2. Professional Steam Iron and Ironing Systems

A large volume of steam and water is also sometimes required for household irons. For example, when ironing a large amount of bed linen or outerwear, you have to constantly “fill” the iron with water, which is not very convenient.

Therefore, irons with a steam generator (ironing systems or steam stations) were invented for domestic use, which, in addition to the iron, also includes a boiler for generating steam.

A steam boiler has a capacity of 1 liter or more, which makes it possible to iron continuously for 1.5 hours. The pressure in the boiler allows for its continuous supply of water with a flow rate of 70 g / min. The steam supplied under this pressure completely penetrates the fabric, removing even the most “hard” folds of outerwear.

3. Professional Iron with a Steam Generator Reduces Ironing Time by Half

Despite the price, much higher than a conventional steam iron, it is more profitable to buy an iron with a separate steam generator, since it reduces the ironing time by half. Abundant and continuous steam supply increases the efficiency and speed of the ironing process. And if you consider that every woman spends up to 2.5 weeks on ironing every year, then the savings will be significant.

4. Iron with a Steam Generator, You Can Iron Clothes even on a Hanger

An iron with a steam generator or a steam station works quickly and efficiently, but in addition, it has many other additional functions. In addition to the usual ironing, you can use the “vertical steam” function, which allows you to iron without an ironing board. The clothes are simply hung on a coat hanger or a hanger, and powerful steam will moisturize and smooth not only clothes but also curtains, tulle and even refresh the upholstery of old furniture.

With a professional steam iron, bed linen no longer needs to be ironed whole. You can iron bedding on one side only and even folded four times. This is a weighty argument to buy an iron with a steam generator for those who have a large family and have to iron a large amount of bed linen and clothes.