Why Hunters Should Invest in Laser Rangefinders

As a hunter, one of the most valuable things you can invest in is a high-quality rangefinder. The technology in this field has grown and shrunk simultaneously. There are more options than ever, with the gadgets becoming more accurate, rugged and easier to use than ever before. As for shrinking, rangefinders have gotten smaller, making them easier to carry around.


But What Exactly Is a Rangefinder?

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The term rangefinder might be confusing, primarily due to the many methods of determining range. For instance, there are various kinds of tactical scopes with an in-built rangefinder. They utilize the relative size of an item and allow the user to estimate the range.

However, these aren’t the rangefinders we are talking about, but rather the actual gadgets that find ranges. In this read, we are going to focus on laser range finders.

A laser rangefinder fires an invisible laser beam at a target and an internal clock measures the duration it takes for the beam to hit the target and come back. With simple mathematics, the device determines the range of the object.

These devices can be used for an array of tasks, one of the most prominent being hunting. In the next section, we shall be looking at several reasons why you need a laser rangefinder for hunting.

Reasons to Bring a Laser Rangefinder on a Hunt

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Learn Your Load

Hitting the practice area is the first thing that a hunter should do. Put targets at varying distances and begin shooting. During the process, use the rangefinder to get a precise range to the targets. You will be able to observe the ballistic drop or rise at varying distances.

This enables you to take note on your rifle and loads drop data. This is best known as dope. Once you study it, you will know where your round will be at a certain distance, thus knowing what your rifle plus load can do.

Set up Ideal Shooting Valleys

When preparing a location for still hunting, there are certain things you should do. This includes setting up the bait and even finding the perfect area for a blind. With a high-quality rangefinder, it becomes easier to set up precise shooting valleys.

Still hunting is similar to ambushing your game. To hunt effectively while still, you need a good viewing location and a lot of shooting valleys and this is where the device comes in handy. Once you set up the tree stand or blind, use it to make other areas at a known range.

A Multi-purpose Gadget

The latest laser rangefinders can be used for an array of purposes. Nowadays, you can use a laser rangefinder as a magnifying lens. You can also use the rangefinders for deer hunting. This means that the device can replace the binoculars and spotting scopes in your hunting kit. Not only that, but they give you the ability to scan and observe while still finding the precise distance to your prey.

These are not the only reasons to have a laser rangefinder when hunting but are some of the primary ones. Make your hobby easier with these handy devices.